Active Shooter


It Can Happen Anywhere!
We all know the events. We hear the chilling news coverage. We see the tears. We see the bodies.
Active shooter violence is rapidly increasing in society.
Places of employment, schools, theaters, public events, etc are all targets.

Current Survival Methods Are Failing!

Unfortunately most of the “experts” lack any type of real world training and their methods are costing lives, not saving them.

Hiding under desks and huddling in corners – WILL COST LIVES!

In an active shooter situation people will always end up wounded or killed. That’s a fact. How many casualties is dependent upon how quickly action is taken and what that action is.

The Body Counts Are Increasing!

Mental illness, social rejection, bullying, etc are increasing in society and have become common motivators for mass shootings.

Children, women, men, young and old. No one is immune to becoming a casualty in a mass shooting. Your life is YOUR responsibility. You must seek out proper education and training regarding active shooter as this is quickly becoming a national epidemic.

This Is A Hands On Training!

Unfortunately many “experts” teaching how to survive an active shooter situation think 4 hour Powerpoint presentations, statistics and cute acronyms are properly training people to survive one of the worst experiences a person could face.

Powerpoint presentations do not save lives… ACTION saves lives!

Interested In Active Shooter Training For Your Group / Organization?