Krav Maga FAQs

Let’s start with what Krav Maga is NOT. It is not a martial art. It is not a combat sport (MMA, jiu jitsu,etc.) There are no luxuries such as weight classes, point systems, one vs one,etc. Krav Maga is a combat system developed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that is designed to increase your odds of survival when coming face to face with REAL WORLD violence.

A fight for your life is a fight for your life regardless of what label society puts on you – civilian, law enforcement or military. The only thing different is the battlefield – where the fight takes place. Violence is violence.

Any instructor claiming to teach 3 different categories of Krav Maga and implying they have “secret” or “more deadly” Krav Maga techniques reserved only for certain members of society is so far out of touch with reality and is playing games with your life. Walk away.

Oklahoma Combatives’ program is based on REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.  Many places claiming to teach Krav Maga are teaching choreographed techniques and unproven theories (YouTube Krav Maga). Their lack of proper development and real world experience is a disservice to you and actually INCREASES your odds of not surviving a violent attack.

Our instructor is trained out of Israel and brings valuable real world experience to the table. Many agencies have been trained in our system including federal govt, law enforcement, counter terrorism units and more.   If you’re serious about “self defense”  there is no better choice than Oklahoma Combatives.

The reality is you are not. The other reality is since bringing Krav Maga to Oklahoma our competitors have decided to add Krav Maga to their curriculum. They’ve heard about the effectiveness of our system and have even attended our seminars, classes, etc to steal technique. That’s business. But they’ve got it all wrong. The step by step technique is not the basis of the system and is just a small part of learning to save your life. Someone who has stolen parts of our system doesn’t completely understand what they’ve “borrowed” and they definitely don’t understand the system in its’ entirety. Attempted imitation is the biggest compliment, but they’ve taken a perfect steak and turned it into a cheeseburger.

There is only one Oklahoma Combatives.

Krav Maga is a short journey. It was never intended to take years of study like a martial art. Any REAL “self defense” system not only has to be brutally effective, but simple for everyone to learn within a reasonable amount of time. It also has to work for EVERYONE regardless of size, gender, age,etc. How long will it take you? That depends on you. How frequently you attend class, how much you apply yourself during those classes and how important developing this skillset is to you. We can’t do the work for you.


 Ever been to a buffet? They may offer a large selection but none of their food is memorable. Krav Maga is not an “add-on” for us. It’s what we do and we’re damn good at it. If you want a fitness program there are plenty of places that can fit your needs. But if you are serious about developing a lifesaving skillset, there is no better place than Oklahoma Combatives.

Colored belts are traditionally used by the martial arts community as a way to measure/award a student’s progress. We are not martial arts so we do not use a belt system. We use a LEVEL system. There are 6 student levels with specialized certifications available as well.


    Our Active Shooter program is among the best available. Unlike the other guys, we wont waste your time with Powerpoint presentations. Our program is a hands on experience that truly prepares you for one of the worst experiences anyone could face.
    This is one of the most eye opening experiences for those who carry a firearm. Our Force on Force program brings the realities of weapon vs weapon fighting to life. This program is a favorite among the law enforcement community.
    Violence can happen anywhere, including inside/outside of your vehicle. Eye opening experience following key principles to turn the tables on your attacker and get you home safely.
    Human trafficking is a global epidemic, but it doesn’t only take place in foreign countries. Because of geographic location Oklahoma and Texas rank high among the states with serious human trafficking activity. Dealing with all aspects of human trafficking from beginning to end this course is one everyone should take.
    This is a reality for everyone, not just professional security services. Most people approach “self defense” with the mindset of being the possible target of violence. But reality is a loved one, coworker or a complete stranger could be in danger. This course lays the groundwork for helping others when in need.
  • BUG OUT BAG (B.O.B.)
    Disaster hits and you are forced to leave an area. Or an unplanned event has you stranded for a significant amount of time away from home. Having a bug out bag with key essentials can help sustain you until help arrives. This course will also include basic life saving techniques/first aid and each participant will physically build a bug out bag they can take home.

    Beginner and advanced firearm courses available. All interested parties will be required to pass background checks and prerequisites to participate. Participants will be hand selected and we reserve the right to refuse entry to these events if we feel it is in the best interest of the group as a whole.